History of the Chapter

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The Tau Pi chapter of the AEPi fraternity first came to the William and Mary campus in 2001, and was officially recognized as a fully independent chapter in 2007. In 2013 we settled into the house that we now call home.

“[Since I was a freshman, this chapter has] definitely become a more outward focused organization. While brotherhood is still important, there’s a greater emphasis on being a part of the larger W&M community… For instance, being on IFC, taking AXO to homecoming, generally just being more involved with sororities and other groups on campus.”
-An AEPi Tau Pi alumnus of the class of 2016


The AEPi fraternity itself was founded in 1913 at New York University by the Immortal Eleven:

Charles C. Moskowitz
David K. Schafer
Isador M. Glazer
Herman L. Kraus
Arthur E. Leopold
Benjamin M. Meyer
Arthur M. Lipkint
Charles J. Pintel
Maurice Plager
Hyman Schulman
Emil Lustgarten

The brothers of AEPi Tau Pi, Fall 2016
From left to right:
Front row: Dave Naitove, Eddie Millman, Nico Druck, Guy Rahat, Dave Warsof, Zach Schiffman, Max Sacher
Middle row: Josh Greenfield, Alex King, Jonah Yesowitz, Ben Schloss, Ian Huber, William Laney, Brandon Buncher, Peter Brooks
Back row: Steven Simon, Kevin Kay, Nick Phair, Andrew Creekmore, Brendan Helm, Ben Schenck, Jesse Levine, Paul Stein
Not shown: Seth Greenspan, Tucker Higgins, Matthew Bondy, Tom Briggs, Ben Neider, Danny Powers, Nick Rudman, David Schaub, Drew Liquerman, Harrison Feiner