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Welcome to the website of the Tau Pi chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, located at the College of William and Mary, and our mission is to create an environment in which Jewish men can more fully immerse themselves in Judaism while finding brotherhood and an environment of cooperation and trust. We pride ourselves on our academic excellence, commitment to civic service, and strong bonds with the Jewish community on campus.

Feel free to explore our website, and feel free to contact us with any questions by emailing taupiscribe@gmail.com!

The brothers of AEPi Tau Pi, Spring 2017
From left to right:
Front row: Colin Lightfoot, Sam Laveson, Evan Leibowitz, Michael Blumenfeld, Parsa Soltani, Sam Belding
Middle row: Josh Greenfield, David Schaub, Danny Powers, Tom Briggs, William Laney, Brendan Helm, Jesse Levine, Eddie Millman, Nick Phair, Ben Schenck, Ben Schloss, Guy Rahat, Ben Neider, David Warsof, Jonah Yesowitz, Zach Schiffman, Nico Druck, Nick Rudman, Brandon Buncher
Back row: Jacob Bradshaw, Harrison Feiner, Matthew Bondy, Paul Stein
Not shown: Andrew Creekmore, Dave Naitove, Drew Liquerman, Ian Huber, Kevin Kay, Max Sacher, Peter Brooks, Seth Greenspan, Steven Simon, Tucker Higgins